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Bernard Edwards, unconventional veteran

18 December 2015

“Freedom is one of those words that I heard in the military daily. But in order to do this work you have to give up a lot of freedom.” “Freedom goes hand in hand with passion. Being able to follow your passion, live passionately, and be happy, that’s real freedom.”

We are in Berlin in the summer of 2015, at Mauer Park, in front of the karaoke concert. I am talking to Bernard Edwards. Bernard has a dream to have a world with zero jobless veterans, zero homeless veterans, and zero veteran suicides (www.unconventionalveteran.com)

Bernard and I were attending a digital nomad conference and he volunteered to be one of the first people I have interviewed for this Courageous Stories series. Now we are soulmates. He is very inspiring and I am happy that I am able to share his wisdom with you.



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