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04 April 2016

On my travels through Europe I meet a lot of amazing people. At one point I started to do video interviews so more people can hear their stories. My questions are about freedom and fear and courage. Which choices d…

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20 December 2015

“You cry, you laugh, and you go on”. Listen to this interview with the most courageous woman I have ever met. Grietje has MS and she has been living in a wheelchair for the last 30 years. Despite her disease, s…

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18 December 2015

“I live everywhere and nowhere at the same time, for the past 5 years I have been traveling all year round.” “The moment you realise that you do not follow the path anymore and that you break free from the co…

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18 December 2015

“Freedom is one of those words that I heard in the military daily. But in order to do this work you have to give up a lot of freedom.” “Freedom goes hand in hand with passion. Being able to follow your passio…

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